Supermarket - International Italia Camping Village


Everything you need close to hand, in our on-site supermarket.

Inside the Rimini Family Village everything is close to hand, you can even do your shopping.

Are you curious to try some tempting local specialities? You are sure to find on our shelves what you are looking for.

But the Rimini Family Village supermarket however also caters for people with special requirements and stocks gluten-free foods, typical products and everything you need to make your pet feel at home. There is also a tobacco counter and a bazaar where you can find gift items, camping materials and all the equipment you need for your days on the beach.

Precisely because we know that you don’t want to waste even a minute of your holidays, and even less so find yourself in endless queues in some large shopping centre, our supermarket provides everything you need. Go ahead and organise your holidays at the Rimini Family Village…we’ll see to the rest!